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the definition of insanity is

doing the same action and expecting different results

Somewhat Damaged
29 July 1982
Journal no longer in use, new journal at the_darkfae
24, 30 seconds to mars, abandoned buildings, abnormal psychology, alice sebold, alyssa milano, amy brown, angel, angels, anita blake, bar phono, black, black and white, black sabbath, black sheep, bones, buffy the vampire slayer, camden, cats, charmed, closure, corsets, david boreanaz, david lynch, dead like me, depression, dog the bounty hunter, dystopia, eliza dushku, evanescence, fade, fae, faeries, firefly, fixed, friday flock, further down the spiral, ghost stories, gigs, goth, gothic beauty, gothic lifestyle, green, heavy red, heroes, hex, highwaymen, holly marie combs, icon making, industrial, insane ramblings, james marsters, jared leto, jeordie white, jericho, joan of arcadia, johnny depp, kelley armstrong, kiefer sutherland, killing miranda, kirsten dunst, kittens, konstantinos, laurell k hamilton, leeds, leland chapman, lycanthropes, marilyn manson, meat loaf, merry gentry, moll flanders, my so-called life, nine inch nails, nocturnal witchcraft, obsession, old cemeteries, paganism, pale skin, pan's labyrinth, parapsychology, philosophy, pinstripes, prison break, psychology, purple, raine, rammstein, reading, rose mcgowan, ross adam chippendale, salvador dali, silver jewellery, simon clark, still, stone circles, stonehorse, stripes, sunday goth social, supernatural, tattoos, the downward spiral, threshold, tori amos, trent reznor, tru calling, twiggy ramirez, unusual, vampyres, victorian goth, wendyhouse, whitby, whitby abbey, witchcraft, within temptation, writing, xena, zombies